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Our patented biosensor platform allows for simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers such as glucose, lactate, cholesterol, liposome, dopamine, DNA, bacteria, viruses, and proteins even when they’re present in very small quantities (order of a femtomole, 10-15).


  • Multiplex single-use strips, carrying a set of electrochemical sensors – the heart of OMINI technology

  • A connected portable reader, capable of reading, converting and displaying the signals coming from the strips

  • Online services for data storage and tracking

User benefits

  • Simplicity: a drop of the patient's blood, taken by finger prick, is placed on the single-use chip that analyzes the sample. The chip is inserted into the electronic reading device, which displays biomarker values  on screen – or sends them directly to online services.

  • Modularity: by changing the biological recognition element on the surface, OMINI testing devices can be modified to measure a very wide variety of biomarkers.

Watch the animation to dive deeper into how our technology enables decentralized blood testing, and what the testing process looks like end-to-end.

Our first product: improving heart failure outcomes

Heart failure is a chronic, non-curable disease that currently affects around 60 million patients worldwide. The traditional heart-failure patient journey is fragmented and unpredictable, often resulting in last-minute hospital readmissions which cause distress in patients, while putting a further strain on hospital resources.

At OMINI, we want to transform the heart-failure patient journey for the better. It’s why we’re now developing a multiplex testing strip that simultaneously measures four key biomarkers relevant to heart failure from a single drop of blood.


The benefits are four-fold:

  • Patient stability for longer periods of time

  • Reduced hospital readmissions

  • Improved quality of life and survival chances

  • Improved processes for patient management

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