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In 2019, chronic diseases accounted for more than 55% of the 55.4 million deaths worldwide [1]. Each year this number increases.

This consistent upward trend is not only unfortunate ­– it’s unsustainable. With health-system resources already under significant strain, the only possible outcome of a continued rise in chronic disease is a higher cost of care, increased staff burnout and a lower quality care pathway.


This is why the world needs a new approach to patient care and monitoring!

At OMINI, we’re pioneering a groundbreaking approach to address the needs of chronic disease patients and their healthcare providers. We have developed a compact blood testing lab that can be easily carried in a pocket. Our product combines a portable connected reader with an array of multiplex [2] blood testing strips developed around our patented platform biosensor technology.

Our device is designed to be as user-friendly as a glucometer. Each strip is capable of measuring a specific combination of blood biomarkers, which are selected based on the targeted disease.

By enabling decentralized multiplex testing, our technology allows healthcare providers to simultaneously measure multiple biomarkers in real-time using a single sample, right at the point of care for the patient.

Multiplex blood tests offer a more comprehensive evaluation of disease progression and response to treatment. This is especially valuable for chronic diseases that involve multiple mechanisms and treatment targets.

Moreover, multiplex blood tests can detect changes in biomarker levels at an early stage, even before clinical symptoms become apparent. Early detection enables timely intervention and increases the chances of successful treatment.

Additionally, multiplex blood tests can identify unique biomarker profiles for each patient, allowing treatment to be tailored to their specific needs. This personalized approach improves the effectiveness of treatment while minimizing potential side effects.

Through decentralized multiplex blood testing, we provide an essential tool for remote monitoring and outpatient management. This approach helps counter the rising trend of chronic diseases, reduces the burden on healthcare systems, and brings personalized care within reach for patients who deserve an improved quality of life.

[1] The top 10 causes of death (

[2] Multiplex: 2 or more biomarkers measured per test strip

Joanne Kanaan, Ph.D

CEO and cofounder

Anna Shirinskaya, Ph.D

CTO and cofounder

Having completed a Master's degree in systems biology and a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics at École Normale Supérieure, as well as several entrepreneurship programs, OMINI CEO Joanne leads our strategy, communications and fundraising initiatives. In her spare time, she enjoys Latin dancing, cooking and Disney movies.

With a PhD and post-doc in bioelectronics from École Polytechnique, two Master’s degrees in both material sciences and electrochemistry, and two patents to her name, Anna is an expert in the design and fabrication of cutting-edge bio-sensing devices. Currently, she leads our research and development team, while in her free time Anna has interests in the art world – particularly in street art.  

Katlin Rohtlaid, Ph.D

Senior Researcher in material science

Jean-Francois Arruabarrena

Lead Industrial Designer

With seven years of experience in material sciences, Kätlin specializes in the development, fabrication, and characterization of electronically conducting polymer layers and polymer devices (actuators and sensors). Outside of her work at OMINI, she’s also a 26-time Estonian champion in swimming and enjoys travelling in her free time.

Jean-François leads our large scale production  strategy. He also works closely with the research and development team to produce 3D study supports and prototypes. Outside of work, Jean-François likes to dedicate his free time to various 3D printing and artistic projects, cooking, and philosophical debates.

Pascal Preira, Ph.D

Senior Researcher in biology and sensor functionalization

Clara Dos Santos

Doctoral student, sensors developpment

After completing a PhD in biophysics and biochemistry, Pascal joined the optics and biosciences laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique as a valuation engineer, then cofounded a company specializing in the development of in vitro diagnostics tests. He is currently our immunoassays expert and develops associated tests. In his free time, he enjoys sport fishing and martial arts.

With Master’s degrees in nanochemistry and microbiology, Clara is currently a PhD student at OMINI in collaboration with Université de Paris. She’s helping to develop our new generation of biosensors, and expand our diagnostics devices towards ultrasensitive and single-molecule-marker detection. In her free time, Clara appreciates cultural diversity, baking and horse riding.

Arielle N'Da

Junior Reseacher

Currently an engineering student, Arielle is completing an apprenticeship with us at OMINI in order to become an engineer in health and biotechnology. Over the last four years, she has practiced programming, biology and electronics. She also plays piano and has a passion for gastronomy.

Alain Marty

Engineer in microelectronics

After an engineering degree at Centrale Marseille, Alain specialized in the biomedical field during a semester in Taiwan and a year at Centrale Lyon. He then worked as a R&D engineer in a bioprinting startup for 2 years before joining us on the optimization and development of our biosensor. In his spare time he enjoys playing piano and guitar.

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